Charles Rennie Mackintosh: Floral Watercolors & Textile Design

Over the past few weeks I’ve been really drawn to the watercolor studies of Scottish designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh (thanks for the heads up Nicolette!). Known mostly for his architecture and furniture design, I wasn’t aware of the work he created as a textile artist and water colourist. These pieces below are pulled from the […]

Two Times Elliott Prints

I came across these monoprints via printmaker Kate Gibb’s website and absolutely love them. She printed them for Two Times Elliott – a design consultancy based in Notting Hill, London that has an online shop. Was hoping to snag one but I’m too late – they’re sold out! To see the full series visit:

Seth Godin: Ideas on Making Change

I’ve just listened to both the edited an non-edited version of Krista Tippett’s On Being interview with Seth Godin – entrepreneur, author and public speaker. It’s an inspiring talk on what he refers to as our “post-industrial connection economy” in which the shift in leverage from top down marketing to a bottom up way of […]

Interesting Debate on Women, Art & Having Kids

Art Info’s Response to Anne-Marie Slaughter’s recent controversial article in The Atlantic, “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All,” asks how this issue applies specifically to women with careers in art. As an artist and designer who is about to get married this fall, I can’t deny this question fills my head regularly. I surround […]

Vintage Prints by E.A. Séguy

I just purchased these vibrant giclée prints off of vintage jewel-toned studies from artist and entomologist E.A. Séguy. They’re available for a great deal and there’s still 17 sale hours left!

Make Things Matter

A few days ago, my friend Nick Cope brought to my attention two pretty awesome things… 1. The creative agency in which he is the new Creative Director called Matter Unlimited. With its altruistic mission based on shared value and a new breed of capitalism that balances economic and social goals, this studio seems to […]

Jim Lambie at Frieze Art Fair

As promised, I’ll be posting a few more of my favorites works from last month’s Frieze Art Fair at Randall’s Island. This piece, above and below, was created with mild steel and acrylic paint by Glasgow artist Jim Lambie. ~ Untitled, 2012 I like how the materials used in this piece trick the eye when […]

Frieze Art Fair: Favorites

Before it gets too late, I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces from last month’s Frieze Art Fair on Randal’s Island. It was a bit of a hassle to get there on the crowded ferry, but well worth the wait. The work ranged from painting and sculpture to mixed-media installations and some time-based work. Here’s […]

Dekalb Market

 Looking forward to the opening weekend of Dekalb Market – a downtown Brooklyn indoor/outdoor marketplace built from recycled shipping containers that takes over an entire block (voted best New York Architecture of 2011 by New York Observer). The Spring Weekender, scheduled for April 7th & 8th, 10-6pm, will include a bunch of great activities […]

Print/Out at MoMA

MoMA is currently hosting two exciting exhibitions and one interactive program that celebrate the vitality of the print medium (PRINT / OUT ). As a visual artist who uses both digital and physical methods to create, I’m always excited to see how artists are pushing the boundaries of traditional printmaking techniques and integrating old methods […]

The Glow

I LOVE this new project that’s been making the rounds on design blogs this month. ‘The Glow‘ is a glimpse into the world of inspiring design moms – their creative process and balancing act with work and home life. The photographs, taken by Kelly Stuart are remarkable and make me smile each time I take a […]

Handmade Typographic Treats

It’s time to start working on the visual design of our wedding next fall. With the weather getting nicer, September doesn’t seem so far away anymore. Save the Dates need to go out soon, so I’ve been gathering some typographic inspiration. Here’s a few of my favorite finds gathered on Pinterest … (Please do send […]

Chris Churchill: Painting By Night

Chris Churchill’s show which opened last Friday night at 212 Gallery, features a series of work called Paintings By Night. I particularly like this one above titled ‘Volcanos and a jar of perfume.’

Tuthilltown Spirits Distillery

This past weekend (the first that actually felt like winter), was spent with great friends upstate. We took a trip to Gardiner to visit Tuthilltown Spirits – New York’s first whiskey distillery since prohibition. I thought I knew quite a bit about whiskey but apparently I did not. A tour of the facilities uncovered a few […]

Type Everything

As we study typography with my students at Parsons and NYU, here’s a beautiful collection of some great work at

Font Generator

An interesting prototype for an automatic font generator created by Byte Foundry. Although typographic design is a discipline that requires a lot of time and a thorough understanding of the art form and its history, this tool allows one to discover new and unexpected letterforms while experimenting with an automated database of parameters that explore […]

Colorful Creatures: Jennifer Davis

Such colorful textures in these paintings made by Minneapolis-based artist, Jennifer Davis! ~ found via Jennifer Davis Art

Vince Contarino:

A beautiful new piece from Vince Contarino’s Acoustic Series. (Acoustic No. 17, 2011, acrylic, tyvek on paper, 14.75” x 12”)

Iconatomy: George Chamoun

Some interesting montage work by George Chamoun. ~ found via bum bum bum

de Kooning: A Retrospective

I’m looking forward to seeing the de Kooning Retrospective that’s currently up at the MOMA. Planning to take my students there this week as we study color. Some of my favorites will be on view including Pink Angels (above, 1945). These two (above), considered “abstract pastoral landscapes” are from the mid 50′s when de Kooning’s work […]

New Season, New Semester, New Inspiration

I’m glad September is finally here. This is by far my favorite month of the year. The weather is perfect and the city is getting back to it’s usual  energetic pace. The classes I teach at Parsons and NYU have begun and my students are fantastic. Lots of talent and creative ambition in each group […]

Urban Beekeeping

Congrats to Adrian Bautista, Martha Glenn, and Brooke Tascona! These three students from the Sound & Vision class I taught at Parsons last month, completed a beautifully-crafted documentary on urban beekeeping (in an impressive one week!). Nice job to all three of you, I’m glad it’s getting out there! Watch the video:

Chase No Face Video

What a beautiful use of new media in this interactive video piece for Chase No Face by Bell. The graphics were created in real-time using no post-production effects and were built by FaceTracker code from Jason Saragih. Visuals were created by Zach Lieberman, Francisco Zamorano, Andy Wallace, and Michelle Calabro. View some making of shots […]

Valero Doval

I came across the work of Spanish artist Valero Doval, with the Winter 2010/2011 cover art of Elephant Magazine (my favorite new publication!). Working primarily in collage, Doval’s work creates intriguing and sometimes whimsical narratives, using people, animals, machines, landscapes and geometric shapes. I admire the simplicity of his work and am excited that it’s […]

Kickstarter Festival at Rooftop Films

The 2nd Annual Kickstarter Film Festival last night was a huge success! Hosted by Rooftop Films at The Old American Can Factory, the event sold out within hours and the range of work screened was impressive. I was there to support my colleague and good friend, Amy Finkel whose documentary film ‘Furever‘ recently raised over […]

Decorating the Farm

Wow, the interiors of these barns are stunning. You almost forget that you’re looking at a farm! I came across these images of Esther Dormer’s property in a NY Times article last month entitled “The Decorated Shed.” The story is pretty interesting to me and I’m not sure exactly how to respond to it. Ms. […]

Leif Podhajsky: Designer

Beautiful album art graphic by Leif Podhajsky for Modular Records.

Lykke Li: Sadness is a Blessing

I love this new Lykke Li video, beautifully shot by director by Tarik Saleh and stars actor Stellan Skarsgård.

Trip to Flavor Paper

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to tour Flavor Paper with my colleague Ian and his Parsons students. What an amazing space! The print shop is on the ground floor and you can peek in to see their process from the glass exterior at street level. The company, which originated in Portland, expanded to […]


These three motion shorts were created by Everynone, a filmmaking team located in NY made up of Will Hoffman, Daniel Mercadante, & Julius Metoyer III. Using themes of relativity and the gestalt laws of psychology, they each artfully highlight the connections found in everyday life. Thanks for sharing Marcus!

Wim Crouwel Retrospective

London’s Design Museum, is currently exhibiting a retrospective of Dutch designer Wim Crouwel. Known primarily for his work at Total Design during the 1960′s, Crouwel’s innovative use of the grid and typographic systems is still extremely influential today. ~ found via NOTCOT

Alessandro Roma: Painting & Collage

I love this work by Italian artist Alessandro Roma, which combines painting, drawing and collage to create psychedelic atmospheres that reside between abstraction and figuration. His subject matter, which spans architecture, interiors and landscapes, “are all characterized both by a certain fragmentation and by the use of different techniques which create a continuous solicitation to […]

Steven Gagnon: Border Cruiser

Coming home from the Scope Art Fair on Saturday, I came across the work of artist Steven Gagnon in front of Front Room Gallery. His piece Border Cruiser is a mobile video installation in a former police car that presents a Brazillian’s story of entering the U.S. illegally and his struggles once in the country. […]

EF Live The Language

Typography (by Albin Holmqvist), beautifully integrated with the moving image to create these pieces for International Language Teaching Company. ~ found via Lost At E Minor

Organizing the Bookcase

Screen shot 2011-02-25 at 12.09.43 PM

A fun stop-motion experiment by Sean Ohlenkamp.

Never, ever, ever, park here.

This is hilarious. ~ found via Lost At E Minor

Christel Maria Nolle

These abstract mixed media works by Danish artist Christel Maria Nolle are truly inspiring. Her bold use of color and culturally significant motifs bring to mind vibrant landscapes across the world. Her inspiration comes from her “travels, Arabic ornaments, calligraphic signs and symbols, cave paintings, Arabic rugs, embroideries, graffiti, natural abstractions in the form of […]

Holly Wales Sketchbook

Back to Holly Wales’s site to take a look at her sketchbooks. Beautiful. Hope this is inspiring to my students…

Stina Persson: Illustration Collages

Recently saw some fashion illustration collages by Stina Persson when I want to see Samantha Hahns‘s group show last week. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Stina’s work and was reminded of how much I love her bold use of color and paper cutouts. Here are a few of my favorite pieces.

Holly Wales: Illustration

Some nice test illustrations for the Vodafone ‘Power of Ideas’ campaign by British illustrator/educator/designer, Holly Wales.

Scott Pagano: Sound & Image Works

This 30 minute audiovisual piece was created by Scott Pagano as part of series called “The Reverence Collection.” The slow unfolding of abstract forms and colors is mesmerizing. “The Reverence Collection is a series of sound/image works created by transforming pop music videos into epic slowly undulating audiovisual environments. The source material for the pieces […]

Isaac Salaza: Books of Art

Some beautiful book sculptures created by Isaac Salaza. ~ Found via Today and Tomorrow.

Geometric: by Daddy

Another great self-initiated print project by design studio Daddy. “Geometic shapes hand carved in wood, printed on Munken Pure.”

Oil Paintings by Theo Altenberg

I’m pretty blown away by these oil paintings by Berlin artist Theo Altenberg. They are so rich with color and I wonder what they look like close-up. Altenberg’s work spans a variety of media including photography, video, painting, drawing, installation and performance work. ~ found via But Does It Float

Daddy: Graphic Design Studio

What a great holiday print by Denmark-based graphic design studio Daddy.

2011 Mociun + Corwin Calendar

I love this print by Lena Corwin and Caitlin Mociun. It’s a limited edition of (50) sized 18″ x 24″, 4 color, and hand screen printed.

Halla Tomasdottir: TED Talk

SO inspiring… Last weekend marked the first-ever TEDWomen conference, dedicated to exploring how women and girls are reshaping the future. This AMAZING talk is from Halla Tomasdottir, an Icelandic businesswoman who got her company Audur Capital through the economic collapse by applying 5 “feminine” values to financial services.

Fold, by Surabhi Saraf

Artist Surabhi Saraf’s recent video FOLD premiered at the Root Division Gallery in San Francisco this past September. The piece is a “multi-channel audio-visual installation (that) presents a visual echo of the present instance: it takes an unexamined moment (like folding laundry) and gives it life.” Some notes by Saraf on her process: “I look […]

Karl Nawrot & Walter Warton

This is an interesting project (completed a while back) by Void Wreck – collaboration by designers Karl Nawrot and Walter Warton. The piece explores infinite variations of pattern with a collection of 150 handmade stamps. ~ Stamps Box (2005 – 2006) “The box contains a collection of 150 rubber stamps. Each stamp consists of a […]

It’s Snowing Upstate

Worked in the studio all day while watching our first snowfall come down consistently through the sun. Nothing stuck to the ground. Maybe tomorrow we’ll wake up to a winter wonderland. There are so many beautiful old stone houses here in the Hudson Valley – I can’t wait to see them all covered in white. […]

Bicycle Drawing Machine

I love this interactive art piece by artist Joseph Griffith. Who wouldn’t want one of these in their own home? ~ found via Swiss Miss

On Line: At the MOMA

~ Ellsworth Kelly (American, born 1923). Brushstrokes Cut into Forty-Nine Squares and Arranged by Chance. 1951 Looking forward to visiting the “On Line” Exhibition at the MOMA this month. “Drawing conventionally has been associated with pen, pencil, and paper, but artists have drawn lines on walls, earth, ceramics, fabric, film, and computer screens, with tools […]

Art Basel 2010

I’m jealous of everyone who’s going to Art Basel next week. There’s a bunch of artists whose new work I’d love to see -  Carlos Amorales, Hurvin Anderson, Stephen Andrews, & Mark Bradford. Have fun to those of you who are attending! ~ Carlos Amorales ~ Hurvin Anderson ~ Stephen Andrews ~ Mark Bradford


After reading about Commune in this month’s House Beautiful, I looked up their work to find beautiful interiors created in the Ace Hotel, the Standard, and one of my favorite retail spaces – Kiki De Montparnasse. I was most intrigued by their residential interiors, particularly this gorgeous property in Los Feliz, California. The shiny black […]

Woom – The Hunt

Screen shot 2010-11-22 at 12.28.26 PM

My studio partner at Double Triple, Phillip Niemeyer just finished directing and editing this stop motion video for the west-coast-based avant-garde duo Woom. Dan Forbes, an amazing photographer and cinematographer also worked on the project. Kudos guys!

New Marian Banjes Website & Book

Marian Bantjes has just launched a new site AND a new book. She speaks about it all here, in an interview with Debbie Millman of Design Matters. Digging through her new site, I found some pattern work I hadn’t seen before that is beautiful. “Feathers” – for Maharam Wallpapers

Words of Wisdom: Design Visionaires

Last week, the Art Directors Club inducted the 2010 class of its Hall of Fame at a gala ceremony in New York. These beautifully designed cards by Pentagram’s Michael Beirut, highlighted quotes from 10 past laureates including Saul Bass, Paul Rand, Massimo Vignelli, Annie Leibovitz and Seymour Chwast. The font is Carter Sans designed by […]

John Maeda: Looking for Superman

Screen shot 2010-11-10 at 10.30.20 AM

“Rhode Island School of Design president John Maeda defines the key qualities of standout innovators – a willingness to struggle, to make mistakes, to live with ambiguity – and tackles the creative’s biggest challenge: How to lead other creatives. Perhaps confronting the status quo, killing bureaucracy, and leading change can be its own art form.” […]

Information is Beautiful

A great new site, run by David McCandless , that archives data visualizations and examines “how designed information can help us understand the world, cut through BS and reveal the hidden connections, patterns and stories underneath.” 1. Colours in Culture { view full graphic } 2. Left vs. Right (US) { view full graphic }

Arturo Herrera: Berlin Singers

The work of  Venezuelan artist Arturo Herrera, was by far my favorite at this year’s Editions/Artists’ Books Fair. Presented by The Lower East Side Printshop, Herrera’s piece “Berlin Singers,” is a series of ten prints that combine etching, screenprint, archival inkjet, and collage. The edition is a set of 20.

Mel Bochner: Printmaker

Today kicks off Print Week in NYC. I’m especially excited for the Print Fair, hosted by the IFPDA. One of my favorite artists, whose work I’m hoping to see is Mel Bochner. – Strong Language, 2007. Etching, spit-bite, soft-ground, aquatint, & sugarlift. – No, 2009. Monoprint with engraving and embossment on hand-dyed Twinrocker handmade paper. […]

Oil & Water Do Not Mix

Happiness Brussels created a limited edition of 200 posters, designed by Anthony Burrill and screen printed with oil from the deep water horizon spill. All benefits go to CRCL (Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana). View the project website OIL & WATER DO NOT MIX from Happiness Brussels on Vimeo.

Howard Hodgkin: Painter Printmaker

Earlier this week at the MET, I viewed some large scale prints of Howard Hodgkin and was reminded of how much I enjoy the work of this British painter. Hodgkin represented Britain in the 1984 Venice Biennale, won the Turner Prize in 1985 and was Knighted in 1992. Known as a superb colorist, his paintings […]

Modern Anthology: Dumbo, Brooklyn

Modern Anthology, a shop in Dumbo that recently opened this past summer, has a great collection of vintage industrial furniture, mechanical objects and lifestyle accessories and apparel.

Bryan Nash: Woodcuts

I love these large scale woodcuts by Bryan Nash. His work spans a variety of media including sculpture, works on paper, etchings, woodcuts, and installation. With a studio in the north-western corner of Connecticut, his work is influenced by the New England countryside. ~ via acidolatte

APT with LSD: Coco Rocha’s Gramercy Apartment

Beautifully styled shots from Vouge’s feature “APT with LSD“. Photographed by Claiborne Swanson Frank

Gene Davis: Color Fields

- Gene Davis, “Franklin’s Footpath”, 1972, image via Culture Making Known primarily for his paintings of vertical color stripes from the 1960′s, Davis’s work explores rhythm and repetition across seemingly endless variations of color. – Gene Davis, “Shabazz”, 1965, found via flickr – Detail from “Phantom Tattoo” by Gene Davis, 1965 The two images above, […]

The Art of Hermann Zapf

“A film on the purpose and techniques of calligraphy. Presented and produced by Hallmark. Filmed at Hallmark cards during a visit by Mr. Zapf. Production manager Noel Gordon. Script outline Peter Seymour. Script editor Richard Rhodes. Camera Direction Frank Robinson. Associate cameraman Heinz Burger. Idea and direction Harald Peter.” ~ found via Changethethought

Morris Louis: Painter

- Nancy Drew, “Morris Louis, 1959″, (96 x 92) acrylic, flock and glitter on canvas, 2002 (This piece was created as an homage to Morris Louis, influenced by his work from 1959) – Morris Louis, “While Series II” – Morris Louis, “Para III”, acrylic on canvas, 243.8 x 228.6 cm, 1959. – Morris Louis, “Ambi […]

Marian Bantjes: 70

Beautiful work from one of my favorite designers, Marian Bantjes. This illustration was created for the New York Times Week Review in response to the following summary: “In many ways Ringo turning 70 and celebrating by playing radio city is exactly the kind of counterpoint that gerontologists like Robert Butler, who died this week, dreamed […]

Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton

What a gorgeous burst of color from Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2011 collection. Not to mention the cheetah, tiger and panda prints! ~ images via The Satorialist, Fashionista, and Fashion Gone Rouge.

Chad Hagen: Art & Design

~ Square Things ~ Black Lung ~ I Am Not a Number I just came across the work of artist/designer Chad Hagen through the links on Vince Contarino’s site. I particularly like is black and white work – beautiful experiments with texture.

On the Bowery: New 35mm Restoration

Wow, I was blown away by this film. On the Bowery is screening until Sept 28th at Film Forum in it’s newly restored 35mm version. A colleague of mine, whose father worked on the production, encouraged me to go see it before its short run ends. The film is not yet distributed in the US. […]

Luca Barcellona: Calligraphy

Beautiful calligraphy work by Luca Barcellona. This video is mesmerizing: ~ via BOOOOOOOM!

Betsy Walton: Digital Painting

I really love Betsy Walton’s paintings – particularly her use of color and pattern. It’s interesting to see a piece by her created digitally. Waiting for the reproduction so I can add it to my collection!

Dalton Ghetti: Tiny Works of Art

This week starts the fall semester at Parsons and I’m thrilled with my new students – an extremely diverse group with a lot of enthusiasm. Much of our course work will merge both tactile and digital processes as we explore 2D design fundamentals. I’m always excited to see artists experimenting with typography in the physical […]

Scarves from Pergolina

I love the color combinations of these beautiful floral and striped scarves from Peroglina. I’ll take one, or maybe two. Happy Labor Day!

Bathroom Glamour

Woah! Blown away by this bathroom posted by Coco & Kelley. I’d never get any work done with a room like this.

Calypso Home: Inspiring Room Ideas

Calypso’s new rug collection offers some inspiring room ideas. What a great mix of color and pattern.

Dave Coote Design

I came across the work of furniture and interiors designer Dave Coote, via Design Sponge a few months ago and keep coming back to his site to peek at these simple gardening cabins made from reclaimed materials. We have two small barns on our property upstate and I’d love to transform one of them. The […]

A study on Japanese floral patterns

Thank you Siri for this study on floral patterns in Japanese Textiles. Here are some favorites.

Ian Hughes: 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel

Ian Hughes is a colleague of mine at Parsons and I absolutely love his work. His first solo show in NYC is opening this Thursday at 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel in Chelsea. Hughes’ paintings re-examine and renew the always delicate relationship between color and form. Hughes’ forms are strangely suggestive, but of what exactly: primordial […]

Wangechi Mutu: My Dirty Little Heaven


These new pieces by Kenya-born, Brooklyn-based artist Wangechi Mutu are part of a show called “My Dirty Little Heaven” which is currently up at Deutsche Guggenheim. This series entitled “Zebra Crossing” were made in 2008.(watercolor, ink, collage on paper) I like to lean on the sciences, because it’s an instinct to categorize what we’re afraid […]

Valerie Belin: Photographer


Wow, these photos by Valerie Belin are blowing me away. I love how her images restrain from using the full value scale and explore a subject matter that we usually associate with the full color spectrum. Beautiful compositions. Original post via UXUS.

Megan Park: Textile & Fashion Designer


I just came across the work of Megan Park while visiting Erica Tanov‘s NYC shop last night. I love her mix of hand embroidery with modern colors shapes and cuts. The work of this Australian-born designer is inspired by “Parisian flea markets, street vendors in Hong Kong, and the bead markets of Old Delhi”. Every […]

Rosemarie Fiore: Firework Drawings


These are pretty incredible. Drawings created by exploding live fireworks, by Rosemarie Fiore. Found via Boooooom.

Samantha Robinson: Ceramics


I love these handmade ceramic cups made by artist Samantha Robinson. The nature inspired patterns, textures and colors in her work are beautifully executed. ~ images via Daily Imprint

Tana Lawn: New Spring Collection


Last week I got the heads up from Oh Joy to check out Tana Lawn’s new Spring Fabric Collection at Liberty of London. I did and it is stunning. A few of my favorites include: Gabriela, Yasmine’s Poppies, La Sandra, Pebble, and Hall Drive.

Color in a Small Place


Just saw this bathroom makeover on Design Sponge by meg from elsie marley. I like the deep turquoise color against dark wood for a small room. Below is another great use of color in Zach Motl’s 178 sq ft. Clinton Hill apartment (via The New York Times). The marine green wakes up the tiny space […]

Empire Vintage: Melbourne Australia


This month Chris and I are moving forward on buying a home upstate. I’m super excited and crossing my fingers that the deal goes through. We’ve been looking for the perfect place for years now and if all goes well, we may be moved in by April. So, without getting ahead of ourselves, we want […]

Vince Contarino: Painting


This afternoon I went to see a few galleries in Chelsea and was impressed by the work of Vince Contarino, whose paintings are currently being shown at 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel (6th Fl.). ~ all images via

Nina Gotlieb: NY Country House


As we continue to search upstate for a home, I’m constantly looking for inspiration for when we finally do make the move. This country house, located in Clinton Corners and designed by Nina Gotlieb has an open, airy floorplan that invites the outside in. ~ via DesignSponge ~ photos by miha matei

Jean Pagliuso: Poultry Suite


I love these black and white photographs by photographer Jean Pagliuso. Makes me want to fill a chicken coop with such unusual varieties. ~ found via Dear Ada

Tamara Maynes: Hand-crafted homewares


Australian-based designer, Tamara Maynes wears many hats. With a background in fashion, her latest work focuses on hand-crafted homewares and personal redesign projects- such as this chandelier (above) that was saved and re-crafted with yellow wooden beads. Her hand-dyed macrame owl collection- titled “to john denver with love“ was a big hit last summer. Currently […]

Betsy Walton


For Christmas this year, one of my favorite gifts was this print by portland-based artist, Betsy Walton titled, “The Healer.” Here are two other great prints from her original paintings. Each can be purchased at her Etsy shop.

Sanna Annukka: Illustrator & Printmaker


Happy 2010! I’m excited about this upcoming year. I have a lot of projects in the works and am hoping to launch a new personal site in April that will consist mostly of screen prints and hand-printed products. Speaking of new sites, illustrator Sanna Annukka has just launched her new online portfolio and store. I’ve […]

Pablo Lehmann: Paper Artist


~ via of paper and things

Lesley Vance Paintings


~ via Reference Library

Mokum Textiles


Inspired by last weekend’s pillow project, I signed up for a class next spring on interior fabrics. Many of my favorite textile designers are coming out of Australia. Mokum, which is based in Sydney, creates beautiful interior textiles and also distributes several international brands. ~ photos via Mokum

Silkscreened & Hand Painted Pillows


This past weekend, my fiend Ali Azios and I decided to make some hand-crafted holiday gifts. With the designs from my Stripes Prints Series, we printed on some satin and cotton fabric and made these pillows. Took us two days to make eighteen for some very lucky people! Looking around for other home textiles, I […]


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