Seth Godin: Ideas on Making Change

I’ve just listened to both the edited an non-edited version of Krista Tippett’s On Being interview with Seth Godin – entrepreneur, author and public speaker. It’s an inspiring talk on what he refers to as our “post-industrial connection economy” in which the shift in leverage from top down marketing to a bottom up way of connecting and communicating invites us all to become ‘artists’ who create change.

In his discussion on tribal communities created over the internet, he asks an important question:“Are we going to connect and amplify positive tribes that make things better for all of us, or are we going to degrade to waring tribes that are willing to bring other groups down just so that they can get ahead?” His TED talks and daily blog are also full of great ideas worth pondering.

Doug Neill, a self-professed “sketchnoter” created this visual while listening to Krista Tippett’s interview with Seth Godin.

An original and helpful voice on this landscape of digital connection for which there are no maps. Seth Godin is a singular thought leader and innovator in what he describes as our post-industrial, post-geography “connection economy.” Rather than merely tolerate change, he says, we are all called now to rise to it. We are invited and stretched in whatever we do to be artists — to create in ways that matter to other people. – On Being with Krista Tippett

~ The Tribes We Lead / TED Talk

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February 28, 2013   No Comments   Posted under Inspiration

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