GET OUT AND VOTE! Red Meets Blue

Today is a big day. After an incredibly challenging week of Hurricane Sandy recovery, and some people still suffering severely from the destruction, we’re asked to get out and place our votes for this super important election. Listening to NPR right now, I’m so glad to hear that the numbers at the polls since they opened this morning have been great. This says a lot for the resilience of New York and New Jersey – both places I’m proud to call home.

In honor of Election Day, I’m making my Red Meets Blue series available today in my shop as both original collages and reproduction prints.

100% of profits from today’s sales on reproduction prints from this series will go to the Occupy Sandy Relief NYC Funds. $247,592.00 has already been raised, every donation helps those still very much in need.

This collage series was part of a group show entitled ‘Red Left Blue Right‘. The exhibition was a presentation of painting, illustration, photography, and design activated by red and blue anaglyph 3-D glasses.

The series began with the use of large silkscreens (with recycled forms from previous work) as a painting device for mark-making experiments on antique caligraphy paper. With a limited palette of red and blue hues, multiple sheets of paper were printed at a time and ink was pushed through the screens in an almost destructive way as an attempt to disguise the original forms burned into the screen. From here, the printed studies were then shredded, torn, woven and collaged together to build up 15 individual compositions. The resulting series is an experiment in restraint and by chance operations. Here are some individual mixed-media collages from the series…

~ Red Meets Blue No. 3

~ Red Meets Blue No. 4

~ Red Meets Blue No. 8

~ Red Meets Blue No. 13

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