Scott Pagano: Sound & Image Works

This 30 minute audiovisual piece was created by Scott Pagano as part of series called “The Reverence Collection.” The slow unfolding of abstract forms and colors is mesmerizing.

“The Reverence Collection is a series of sound/image works created by transforming pop music videos into epic slowly undulating audiovisual environments. The source material for the pieces is derived from a careful selection of contemporary top-of-the-charts pop music videos. The transfiguration of fast disposable cultural detritus into a space for slowness, contemplation, and exploration of detail on a time-scale that is less and less attainable amidst the tempo of contemporary society is a modern digital alchemy, turning a slice of the short-attention-span questionable-message cultural data stream into a counterpart 180 degrees from the original motives. The works are designed for reflective introspection and trance-like detachment from a constant crushing inundation by the constant consumption of sensory pollution.” – Scott Pagano

~ shared with me by Ryan Junell

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January 19, 2011   No Comments   Posted under Inspiration

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